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Yayasan Transformasi Komunitas Indonesia (aka Indonesia Aid) was founded August 2018, in Bali, Indonesia.  We are an NGO nationally registered with the Indonesian government in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Branch locations are currently in Lombok, Palu and soon to open in Surabaya. 

Indonesia Aid is committed to the empowerment and transformation of impoverished communities.  This is done on a village by village by community basis.  In partnership with project partners, community leadership and individuals within each particular community, assessments are made of needs, local assets, resources and current programs in place.  Unique projects and programs are developed in response to the assessments.

It is through the desired culture of Servant Leadership within the organization that leadership models serving others first.  Leadership is focused on developing, equipping and empowering its' staff for the betterment of the individual and the entire organization rather than focusing on a specific employment position. 


The vision of the culture is to cultivate first internally selfless leaders who then externally model the rewards of serving others.  Through this vision of culture, it is our desire to inspire empathy, excellent stewardship, personal growth and generosity of heart, resources, time and finances.  

The name Indonesia Aid is actually 2-fold.  Initially, our primary focus is within Indonesia and for Indonesia. But, at some point, we will transition in utilizing our organizational culture, experience, knowledge and developed models to assist and partner with communities in other impoverished countries. 






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