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The island of Bali, home to 4.4 million people, does not have one orphanage.  Children's homes, however, are quite common and are defined as homes that raise children whose parents do not have the means or resources to raise them.

We are seeking to raise $150,000USD to open Bali's first true orphanage. It will be called

Sriani's Home. These funds would provide for a 5 year rental contract for the home, operational funding for one year and all expenses associated with raising 20 orphans.

The Story Behind the Name

The orphanage is named in honor of Ibu Sriani.  We first met Ibu Sriani in 2018 on the island of Lombok while responding two major earthquakes.  Her health was very poor at the time and she unfortunately passed away in 2019 at the young age of 25.  We only met her a few times but she left a huge impression on our team.

At the age of twelve, Sriani was involved in a motorbike accident. The man that caused the accident was twenty years her senior.  She was badly injured and unconscious.  The man kidnapped Sriani from the accident and held her against her will. She became pregnant at the age of thirteen. She gave birth to two beautiful girls who are now ages fourteen and eleven and unfortunately orphaned.  A promise was made to Sriani just hours before her death that her two daughters would not be forgotten and support for their well-being and education would continue.

We want to keep the memory of Sriani alive by honoring her in naming and starting Bali's first orphanage.

Thai kids eating lunch in a social schoo
Sriani's Home

Ibu Sriani

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