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Image by Artem Kovalev

What started out as what we call a soft rescue turned into a several month long ordeal involving multiple family members and an intense strategy that had to be implemented down to the second if we were to be successful.  

*A soft rescue is a well planned out event where the woman being trafficked agrees to allow Indonesia Aid to organize a time and date to "rescue" her from her current situation.  It is an overt operation where the woman immediately comes under the safety and care  of our Project Freedom staff.

This particular rescue was like no other.  It took months to come to fruition.  It exhausted a large sum of money from our rescue fund and seemed futile at times.  It tested yet strengthened our resolve. It involved intense planning and precise execution.  It reinforced our determination.  It unified our team members and organization. 

Most importantly, it was successful.  She is experiencing a new freedom and becoming whole.

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