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Project Legacy is our children's education and scholarship program reaching at-risk children and youth. Marginalized children are in need of scholarships due to lack of household income to pay monthly and enrollment school fees, supplies, uniforms, etc... Due to COVID, online study groups have been set up to accommodate children without access to wifi and assistance with homework. The after-school program includes a healthy snack, games, quality story-time and necessary life skills training.



An estimated 4.4 million children and adolescents are not enrolled in school in Indonesia. Due to the high rate of poverty, parents do not have the financial means to pay for educational fees, necessary school uniforms and supplies to attend school. The inability to attend school places children at a higher risk of being trafficked. Education can help break the cycle of poverty, ongoing health risks and threat of trafficking.



Project Legacy evaluates at risk families and communities where children are not currently enrolled in school. Scholarships are provided to children of families who desire their children to be enrolled in school. Personal assistance is provided in getting children to grade level reading and writing so as to be enrolled and then help keep them in school. The after school program further enhances instilling individual value, providing a meal and life skills.


Long-Term Impact

We are seeking to increase our scholarship and after-school programs to more children across the 4 islands we are currently serving. Getting and keeping children enrolled in school promotes better health and wellbeing, enhances creativity and imagination, provides opportunity to grow, develop and expand horizons for job opportunities as adults and reduces the risk of trafficking.

 Kuta, Bali

 Nusa Dua, Bali

Jimbaran, Bali