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Indonesia has the region's largest trafficking problem with an estimated 100,000 trafficking victims in the labor and the sex industry each year.  To end the sexual exploitation of women and children, we must attack it on all fronts.

Project Freedom is focused on ending the sexual exploitation of women and children through prevention, intervention, rehabilitation & reintegration.  We are seeing survivors become overcomers with the return of personal value and self-worth through freedom, healing and a transformed life.


Children are the most vulnerable to trafficking.  An estimated 30,000 Indonesian children are victims of prostitution and trafficking each year.  Sexual exploitation of children within their local communities can be often overlooked.  Education and awareness help to prevent the trafficking  of children and can help begin bring change within the communities.


Our Project Legacy Kid's Club programs are the first steps in prevention.  Each week, our staff provide English and Indonesian language skills, tutoring for school subjects, fun games to play that help build character and team building skills and a provide a healthy snack.  Life skills such as "good touch" vs. "bad touch", personal value and self-worth are also being taught. 


Each week, our outreach teams go into the streets, brothels & night clubs delivering small gifts. The purpose of the outreach is to develop personal relationships with the women in hopes of building trust.


The safe house is more than just shelter and meeting basic needs.  Valuable job skills such as English, sewing, jewelry making, baking, financial management and hospitality are all taught during the one year program.  Ongoing counseling sessions are provided weekly.  The goal is to journey with them as they become whole, experience freedom and prepare to reintegrate back into society.  


Our relationship with the women never ends.  We walk with them even after they have completed our program and have reintegrated back into society.  It is through the realization of their own goals and dreams for their lives that some women seek professional employment, start their own businesses and/or reconnect with their families again.  

End sex trafficking - Fight for freedom

"I left my village with the promise of a good job. I was excited to travel and start my new job, but that excitement quickly faded when I realized I had been trafficked.  My worst nightmare became reality.

I met  Indonesia Aid Team, they helped me get into a safe place and gave me training and a solid job. I am free now and thriving."

~a survivor

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