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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Empower One Coffee House

Indonesia is becoming famous for its coffee production, consumption and love of coffee shops.  Having skills within the food and coffee industry is becoming a much coveted skill set.  Empower One Coffee Shop will offer daily fresh local and international food/baked goods with quality blends of coffee.  Empower One will be a place of employment and on-the-job training for women overcoming a former trafficking life.  As women are graduating our Project Freedom program, it is our desire to provide multiple opportunities to help launch them successfully back into society.  The women will receive training in various areas:  from within the bakery, as a barista, hospitality, janitorial and daily operations and management of a small business.  Long-term, profits from Empower One will provide funding for Indonesia Aid's Project Freedom Initiative.


We are seeking to raise $45,000USD to open Empower One.  If you would like to partner with us on this endeavor, please contact us.

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