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our mission statement

Creating partnerships that empower communities to envision and achieve their full potential through collective action.

our vision statement

To see a world where every person has the opportunity to experience a Transformed Life, Renewed Hope and Restored Relationships.


According to Unicef, an estimated 4.4 million children are not enrolled in school in Indonesia.  And yet a larger percentage of children do not achieve a minimum proficiency level in reading.  Children in the poorest communities are at a greater risk of not receiving an education.  Lack of resources and family income are contributing factors.  In many cases, children work to help support the family.

Our Project Legacy initiatives provide scholarships, tutoring, after school programs and life skills training designed to encourage and promote school enrollment, attendance and participation. 


Equipping and empowering the children of Indonesia is a priceless legacy.

Image by Sage Friedman

I was looking for work in a big city, when a woman promised me a good job if I flew to a different island with her.  She was a really nice woman and I trusted her so I agreed.  I left my family to start this new job with the hopes I could provide for my children.  But that hope quickly faded when I realized it was all a lie.  I had been trafficked.  I was forced to do things I didn't want to do.

 I met an Indonesia Aid team.  They helped me get into a safe place.  Then, they helped me find a safe job which eventually lead to me starting my own business.  I was then reunited with my family.  I am grateful for all they did to help me and my family.


 - a survivor

It is estimated that approximately 100,000 children and women are trafficked each year in Indonesia – 30% are below the age of 18. 

Image by James Bloedel

No matter the expense, no  matter the distance, no matter the situation, no matter the risk....we will fight for their freedom.....and, at any cost!!

Unstoppable love forever!!

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Transforming communities through empowerment, partnership and collective action

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Kid's Clubs 

Project Legacy



Liters of Water Delivered 

Project Water



Meals Served

Project Relief


17 Women, 1 Unborn Child


Project Freedom

Indonesia's human trafficking problem

Indonesia's water crisis

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